Kajoku Estates has helped numerous home sellers, just like you, read their stories below...

Lisette was referred to us by one of our associates. Lisette had sold her Kingsbury (NW London) house and was all packed and ready to go. Unfortunately the sale fell through due to the buyer encountering some issues. We visited Lisette, gave her  our proposal which involved a few changes to her property to increase its value and some legal work to guarantee the sale. She accepted our proposal, we took care of everything and secured a sale for Lisette that netted her an additional £15,000 for the sale. She is now renting while taking her time to find her ideal next property.

“You went the extra mile for me, I don’t know anyone who would have done all that you did. I will definitely recommend you. Thank you”

Lisette Parkes

Marian called Kajoku Estates looking for a cash sale for her South East London townhouse. We arranged a meeting the next day and was able to guarantee her a purchase that got her £15,000 above her asking price, which she used to secure her dream bungalow. Marian and her husband are now happy in their new home by the sea front.

“You couldn’t meet a nicer man! Always there when I needed him. Was so patient with me, knows what he’s doing and put our minds at ease. I recommend him 110%.”

Marian Tatnell

Cheryl and Penny contacted Kajoku Estates seeking a quick sale for their inherited house in Gravesend. They had already been disappointed by another buyer who let them down at the last minute and were at a point of despair. Cheryl and Penny knew that their house required extensive modernisation and happily suggested a price to reflect that. We accepted and purchased the property in a few short weeks. Cheryl and Penny were absolutely delighted with the outcome and have now been able to move on with their lives.

“I am so glad we made that initial call. We are so, so grateful for all that you did for us. You came down and saw us on the same day, put our mind at rest and got things started with the solicitors the very next day. We will happily recommend your services to anyone.”

Cheryl and Penny lloyd

Mr A was referred to us by another client. Mr A was in mortgage arrears and had a number of unpaid debts to pay. Mr A needed to sell his house in Woolwich to clear his debts, buy a more affordable home and help pay for his son’s university accommodation. We agreed a purchase that gave Mr A an additional £32,500 above the market value for his property. Mr A, his wife and their other children are now happily moved to their new home in Manchester.

“What a marvelous job your team did. My wife and I were so stressed and under a lot of pressure, we had no way out. You came, took time to understand our situation and really helped us through it all. We can’t believe you actually got us more for our house! We paid off all our debts and are so happy and relieved now. We are eternally grateful and will recommend you time and time again.” 

Mr & Mrs A

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